What’s your Pinterest?

Figuring out exactly what to write is much more difficult than I had anticipated. I have written and deleted quite a few sentences by now…anyone else have that problem?

Today was a great day. Temps here on Martha’s Vineyard were in the high 50’s which made for a great day in getting things down outside. All the Christmas stuff is down outdoors…now if we can just get rid of this tree inside. It has white lights and red ornaments so it’s not all that out-of-place for Valentine’s Day, which, could be a great thing if I don’t get around to it. Our two little ones have birthdays this month, so we could give incorporating it into birthday party decor a whirl. Does anyone else have the urge to just throw the whole tree out…including lights and ornaments? Or is that just me? Surely not picking up dead needles for the next six months is worth the cost of lights and a few new ornaments.

I, like most people this time of year I would assume, have a huge itch to just CLEAN OUT. We rent a furnished house, and don’t have a lot of space for personal belongings to begin with, but nonetheless, I just want this shit gone. One problem I come across is the Dumptique. Here on the Vineyard we have to take our trash to the dump (at least most of us do) and there is this little hut with all kinds of free crap people can leave there if it’s too good to throw out. So every time we throw stuff away, we can get more completely unnecessary free stuff, and so the circle continues. Today, I got all the December magazines I was too cheap to buy at the grocery store for free! So after I finish I can return them for someone else.

My goal for the next couple of days is to get my kitchen in order along with the rest of the house. My BFF gave us an awesome camera for Christmas so I can’t wait to put that to good use. Along with my house, I obviously need to get better organized with this blog. There is so much I want to write about, and so many ideas I have, but when I sit down to write, I just draw a blank.

And, unfortunately (or luckily) I received my Pinterest invite so now I am totally obsessed with that. I got it today and jumped for joy. I applied for it a couple of weeks back and was fairly annoyed that I didn’t get it right away, but I suppose it builds anticipation? No, actually it just annoyed the hell out of me. But, anyway, I can’t tear myself away. I have it organized a little like I want the blog organized…food, country home and decor, kids stuff, travel, awesome vintage stuff, farm life, funny redneck stuff. A plethora of me, if you will.  Anyone who hasn’t checked it out definitely should. It’s a lot of fun, and if you want an invite, I can send you one, so you don’t have to wait around forever like I did.

Some turd at Pinterest decided to limit the user name to 15 characters, so it’s not exactly the same as my blog, but close. Check ‘r out…



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