New Year Inspiration

So did anyone catch the interview with Oprah and Joel Osteen last night on the O Network? I was lucky enough to see it from start to finish and found it to be very inspirational. For anyone who’s never seen him preach on TV…it’s simply amazing. He is SO good. Televangelists do not have the best reputations, but, if you give him a chance, you will clearly see why he has become “America’s Preacher”. Even if you aren’t religious, even if you aren’t sure about God, or whatever your feelings are toward all that, I would be certain you will find his message uplifting and practical to every day life. It will feel like he’s talking to you. Because he is.

I found the interview to be very inspiring and watching it made me reflect upon my own life. Am I doing all God meant for me to do? Am I fulfilling my purpose? What the heck is my purpose? Am I really supposed to provide people with organic soap (that’s my small business)? Because when I look at it that way, it doesn’t seem all that great, lol. Am I supposed to continue my nursing career? Or leave it behind? What is God’s intention for me? If we are all an individual masterpiece, why don’t I feel like a great work? There are many times I don’t feel prized or worth anything. Do others feel that way, too? Do we need to redefine “masterpiece”?  I thought of my children asleep and of my husband in a motel room a couple hours away working for the Air Force. Am I serving not only God, but them, to the best of my abilities? If I am to be completely honest, I would have to say no. Why not? I have no idea. I just know I can do better, and like Oprah said Maya Angelou says, “when you know better, you do better”. Today, I am going to begin doing better.

Yesterday, I wrote about Pinterest and what basically what a time suck I thought it was. But after the show last night, I began looking at it in a different light. We are all in need of a little beauty in our lives. It’s a great way to share discoveries and things you love with others. Who doesn’t appreciate a little beauty in their lives? People are capable of so many fantastic things, and Pinterest is a really great way to share ideas and talent from multiple sources. Once you start putting the “boards” together, you can really learn a lot about yourself and see patterns in the things you love. I didn’t fully realize how much I enjoy white until this morning. I also love the country life, farms, and simple living. Here are a few pics of some items I found to be practical yet still beautiful in their simplicity. I hope you enjoy them. For more visual inspiration, visit my Pinterest boards at I hope it brings a little beauty and joy to your life.

With all this being said, I am taking my blog in a new direction. I was really unsure of why I started all of this, but, now I know. I want to share love, laughter, inspiration and stories with all of you. It really is the simple things in life that make it so wonderful. I hope you enjoy. Blessings to you on this lovely Monday! It is Monday, right?


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