What’s a mom to wear?

What is it with me? I seem to get up in the morning, and in the middle of getting dressed I get distracted and start doing something different. Happen to anyone else? It’s not like I don’t have decent clothes. I do. I promise. I just never find my way in to them. I chuckle every time I see the LBD’s in my closet. Seriously, dude. When am I EVER going to wear those? I suppose I could wear them to Stop n Shop. It IS Martha’s Vineyard, after all. Oh wait, I forget. People here do not dress up for anything. I mean…ANYTHING. Jeans are appropriate for every situation on the Vineyard, and many times, jeans are overkill. Just wear your fave cutoffs and dingy t-shirts. They will do just fine. The only people who dress up here are the ones that don’t actually live here. I know because I did this when I used to vacation here, too. I would buy that pretty striped nautical shirt, and long for a new pair of Sperry boat shoes to show off during my week’s stay. Walk around Edgartown any given summer evening and observe the dudes wearing pink polo shirts and white linen pants…it’s quite amusing. I promise they do not live here.

Anyway, back to my ensemble of the week. Let’s see…today I got a little further than usual. I put on a long-sleeved t-shirt and since we keep the heat low, through a sweater over it. I had every intention of putting my jeans on (my choices are skinny jeans from Old Navy and hand-me-down mom jeans from my mom) but it never happened.

JC Penney sweater day # 5

So, pair that with my red flannel pajama pants, fuzzy socks that were a Christmas present from mom and the slippers I bought the hubby for Christmas….we have quite a showpiece going on here.

rockin hubby's new loafers ~ yes they are too big I wear them anyway

don't be jealous

And of course we didn’t even get to hair and make-up yet. Hair never made it out of the bun and make-up…forget it.

I should just grab that bun and get the scissors already

It’s not that I don’t want to look good. I just get comfy. I don’t go anywhere. I have been to the post office one time in five days. There are no real stores here, and absolutely nothing to do in the winter. Anything I have to do at home I can do in my flannel jammies. Who I really feel sorry for in all this is my husband. He is the one who has to see me in this crap. With all the positive changes I am making in the new year I think I will add one more. Getting dressed. That’s not unreasonable, right? Maybe tomorrow I will give it a whirl. Maybe.


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